WEDA Legislative Tracker

The 2021-22 WEDA Legislative Bill Tracker lists and allows members to follow and learn more about the bills WEDA is lobbying on and monitoring as they work through the legislative process. The WEDA Bill Tracker includes the bill number, a brief description of the bill, its status and WEDA’s position on the proposal.

  • Bill Number:  Assembly Bill 1
  • Bill Description:  Omnibus COVID-19 Relief Bill
    Bill Status: Assembly Bill 1 was passed by the full Assembly on a 56-34 vote on 01/07/21. AB 1, as amended by Senate Substitute Amendment 1, was passed by the full Senate on a voice vote on 01/12/21. The amended version of bill was send back to the Assembly for further consideration. 
  • WEDA Position:  SUPPORT (WEDA specifically supports the provision in AB 1 that creates broad COVID-19 civil liability protections for businesses and and other entities.)

  • Bill Number: 
  • Bill Description:  
  • Bill Status:  
  • WEDA Position:  


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