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Welcome to the CRA Network of Wisconsin, a new service of the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) designed for member financial institutions.

WEDA’s economic and community development members have been facilitating development through their expertise and experience for more than 40 years.  Our members’ work in the areas of housing, workforce, community, economic and small business development and help to revitalize and stabilize communities.

For financial institutions, the CRA Network creates a match making tool to help member financial institutions collaborate locally and statewide on Community Reinvestment Act eligible opportunities and strategies. This program is designed after a successful model that has leveraged $30 million in eligible investments since 2011.  For community, workforce, housing and economic development professionals and volunteers, the CRA Network delivers access to a bench of experts who can provide counsel and technical assistance on applicable projects after submission and review of an application.

CRA Network of Wisconsin members:

  • Collaborate and socialize with local leaders in format designed to strengthen economic inclusion strategies and community development efforts.
    • The CRA Network of Wisconsin is designed to provide forums for structuring new relationships and partnerships on vital community development strategies.
  • Connect with peers and experts who advance projects and keep projects on track.
    • The CRA Network of Wisconsin links members with regional development professionals to support successful deals, community growth, and organizational missions.
  • Gain unique pathways to eligible CRA services, lending, and investments.
    • The CRA Network of Wisconsin seeks applications from regional housing, workforce, community and economic development professionals for project presentations to be delivered in closed session. Applications require information tied to CRA eligibility such as census tract and number of people employed in LMI areas.
  • Learn about common credit needs and trends in your community.
    • Convening with regional peers ensures members stay informed on changing conditions in their marketplace.
  • Create a network and forum to understand and provide feedback on developing community based projects.
    • Regional focus seeks to inform members on activity in their marketplace, creating access to deals that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.
  • Support new CRA/loan officers with relationship building and training opportunities.
    • Every Regional Meeting is followed by an opportunity for Community Networking at a hosted post-meeting social to foster relationship network opportunities for new loan officers and community developers.
  • Enhance community leadership.
    • The Network fosters increased communication, information, and relationships for the regions. These elements are critical to community leadership.
  • Participate in the Governor’s Conference on Economic Development, including a CRA specific tract.  This is designed to help communities better understand and work with financial institutions, while the financial institutions will receive guidance on CRA.
    • The FDIC, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and the OCC  each shared technical assistance and economic inclusion strategies at the 2018 Governor’s Conference on Economic Development.

2018 Meeting Dates & Locations:

Statewide Meeting Madison, WI Governor’s Conference on Economic Development – 2018

FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve Banks of Minneapolis and Chicago participated in 2018 event

Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2018

February 1st

 Regional Meetings Eau Claire, Madison, Wausau, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Milwaukee  June – Sept,  2018
Statewide Meeting

Milwaukee, WI

Governor’s Conference on Economic Development

CRA Tract – FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC (invited)

Feb 6 – 8, 2019

Feb 7th

Regional Meetings Spring 2019  March – May,  2019

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